On Cat Trees, Cat Condos, Gyms and Scratching Posts

What is the difference between cat tree and a cat scratching post?

Best! Cat Tree! Evar!
Image by Spiritualmonkey via Flickr

What is the difference between cat tree and a cat scratching post?

Cat furniture can often go by a number of interchangeable names. For instance what is the difference between a cat condo, a cat tree, a cat gym and a cat scratching post?

Many people seem to think they all mean the same thing, but there are subtle differences.

A cat tree can also function as a scratching post for example. If your cat loves his tree chances are spend some time scratching on part of it. However a tree is a far more complex structure than a scratching post and allows your cat play, climb, sleep and high in all the nooks and crannies. Generally speaking a cat scratching post is only big enough for him to scratch, not to climb.

And although it’s not totally clear many people refer to a Condo as being the enclosed area on a cat tree where your cat could hide in or sleep.

It’s pretty confusing really.

However the bottom line is that cat owners should take some time to provide their cat with some good quality cat furniture. If you provide them with somewhere to climb and play that’s their own, and provide them with somewhere to scratch where they won’t be punished for damaging the furniture then you’re much likely to have a happy cat, undamaged furniture and a happier household.

Call it a condo, a scratching post, a gym or a cat tree or whatever else you like. Your cat will love it.