Welcome to Aussie Cat Trees, a website devoted to keeping your cat happy.

Cats love to play. All of them. Cats are naturally playful and one of the things they enjoy doing the most is climbing trees. If your cat is an outdoors cat then spend some time watching him and we can just about guarantee that part of his fun during the day will involve climbing.

After all why do cats have claws except for climbing?

But if your cat is an indoors cat it’s unlikely he will have a tree to climb. The best way to remedy that is to provide him with a high quality cat tree, and your cat will love you for it. It will give him the opportunity to play in a tree just as he would if he was outdoors.

Our job is to tell you as much information as possible about cat trees and to show you all the different types of cat tree available. This website is entirely devoted to cats and cat trees and nothing else.

We are involved in a search for the best cat trees on the market and if we can find any that we are happy with we will, over time, bring them to you here for sale.

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