Best! Cat Tree! Evar!
Image by Spiritualmonkey via Flickr

Get him his own cat tree and limit household damage

If you’ve got a cat chances are he loves to climb. He is not unique in that regard, cats all seem to rejoice in their ability to climb things.

And of course a cat is well positioned to do so, having very effective claws and strong legs that can go up a tree in no time.

It makes sense for cats to climb, it’s the perfect way to get away from danger, like from the neighbourhood dog.

But if your cat is an indoors cat what is he going to climb? That’s where cat trees come in.

Welcome to Aussie cat trees. We are here to tell you all about cat trees. Not only to tell you about them but also to tell you more about how to make your own cat tree or about where to buy quality cat trees at the right price.

Because an indoors cat won’t be entirely happy until he has somewhere all his own to climb, to scratch, to play in, to hide in, to sleep in and just hang out in.

Chances are that if you don’t provide him with his own tree he’ll make use of your curtains or the back of your favourite couch instead, both to climb and probably to scratch to pieces.

A cat tree is really very simple. It’s a structure which your cat can use to climb to his heart’s content and where you are accepting of his right to do it. However modern designs of cat furniture such as trees have become quite complicated, and have produced some wonderful results.

However chances are whether you buy your cat a simple tree or one of the more outlandish designs he’ll love it once he learns it’s his, and you’ll love it once he stops climbing the curtains.

Before you buy your first tree there’s a few basic things you need to think about. Firstly where will it go, and secondly how much space will you allocate to it? There’s no point in buying a massive piece of cat furniture for a small space.

When buying a tree make sure it has a wide, strong and sturdy base. There are some cat trees available will tip over when the cat gets to the uppermost branches.

(There’s some excellent cat trees available online, in our experience the cheapest are at eBay. You will find the same cat trees there, new, as you will find elsewhere, but usually much cheaperr.)

Some form of covering is necessary such as carpet or rope, sisal is popular. This is comfortable for him to scratch and to climb on.

And choose a design that has places for you to hang simple cat toys, as cats love to play with hanging toys.

At the end of the day it’s a simple matter of choice. Choose a design that fits your budget and your available space and chances are your cat will love it, and you may find the damage factor in your household goes down dramatically.

And here’s a delightful video showing you come very happy cats lounging in their cat trees. Enjoy